Gulf Superfleet Supreme

Gulf Superfleet Supreme

Engineered to withstand every terrain


Navigating vast landscapes, enduring relentless hours, facing unpredictable weather, and conquering rugged terrains — every journey you embark on tests not just your resolve, but also the endurance of your trusted vehicle. These elements, while making each trip an adventure, also silently wage a battle against the heart of your vehicle: the engine. Over time, these demanding conditions can lead to harmful deposits accumulating within the engine, potentially affecting its performance, diminishing efficiency, and shortening its lifespan, resulting in higher maintenance costs and unplanned downtime.

Engineered to withstand every terrain, Superfleet Supreme ensures that engines are protected under even the most strenuous conditions. Our advanced formulation works tirelessly to prevent deposit build-up, safeguard engine components, and maintain optimal performance. This translates to extended engine life, and significantly reduced downtime. With Superfleet Supreme, drivers can confidently tackle the rigors of the road, knowing their engine is protected for every journey ahead.

Gulf superfleet supreme

By your side, paving every extra mile

Gulf Superfleet Supreme formulated with Clean-Flow Technology, contains powerful anti-oxidants that help delay oil oxidation. With its cleaning agents it holds the soot particles in suspension to prevent harmful sludge build-up. Ensuring the engine runs cleaner for longer, delivering better maintained engine with reduced downtime.

Gulf Superfleet Supreme Benefits

Clean Flow
Gulf superfleet supreme

Based on Gulf Super eet Supreme 15W-40 API CI-4. As per industry standard test Seq. 1) IIIF.