Agricultural oils

Gulf agricultural equipment lubricants

At Gulf Oil, we understand the dedication of farmers worldwide, and we're here to provide exceptional agricultural lubrication solutions that keep your farm equipment running smoothly. Our multipurpose greases and lubricants are designed to withstand various climates and conditions, ensuring peak performance every time.

Engine Oil

Engine Oils

Find the perfect engine oil for your farming machinery needs. Our high-performance oils are tailored to various on- and off-road equipment, offering exceptional protection, extended drain intervals, and reduced maintenance costs. Experience the benefits of our advanced additives and high-quality base stocks that keep your engines running smoothly and efficiently.

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Driveline Fluids

Transmission Fluids

Safeguard your agricultural machinery's gears and clutches with our top-notch transmission fluids. Designed for extended use, our range delivers excellent service and meets leading engine manufacturers' requirements. Discover universal and synthetic fluids suitable for multi-vehicles and older machinery, keeping your equipment in optimal condition.

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Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Protect your hydraulic systems with our superior hydraulic oils, designed for machinery operating in extreme temperatures and under high pressure. Our range offers excellent protection against wear, oxidation, rust, and corrosion, ensuring smooth operation and a longer service life. Experience the difference with our high-performance hydraulic oils.

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Other Fluids

Super Tractor Oil Universal

Simplify your lubrication needs with our versatile Super Tractor Universal Oil, designed for both engine and hydraulic brake systems in agricultural machinery. Reduce wear, control sludge build-up, and protect gears, transmissions, and bearings with this multi-application oil. Experience smoother hydraulics and improved cold start-ups with our all-in-one solution.

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