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Reviva Coffee
Taste Life to the fullest

Welcome to Reviva Coffee, where we believe that life is meant to be fully lived. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the importance of taking a moment to recharge. At Reviva, our mission is to provide you with moments of pure enjoyment and revitalization, helping you embrace your true self and feel energized and empowered.

The Reviva experience

Coffee that gives you a lift

As a modern premium coffee brand, we go beyond providing a simple cup of coffee. From the very first sip of our coffee drinks to the interactions with our baristas, every element is thoughtfully designed to contribute to your revitalisation, helping you embrace your unique self.

Whether you need a caffeinated pick-me up to kick start your day, an indulgent cappuccino to treat yourself or an expertly crafted espresso roast, Reviva will ensure you embrace that moment and make you see the sunny side of life.

Reviva experience Coffee

Reviva Signature Blend

Reviva Signature Blend

Our Signature Blend is the symbol of boldness, vitality, and harmony. After extensive tasting and testing, we discovered the perfect combination of flavours that would make you feel truly alive and revitalised. Made with 100% Arabica beans, it is sourced responsibly from South America's coffee plantations, including Brazil and Colombia.

With tasting notes of caramel, dark chocolate and roasted almonds, our Signature Blend takes you on a sensory journey through the rich coffee-growing regions of South America. We are proud to source our coffee beans exclusively from 100% Rainforest Alliance farms, ensuring that your coffee is ethically and sustainably produced.

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Reviva Coffee sponsors Swansea City Football Club, but it's not only fans at Swansea Stadium that can enjoy a premium quality blend. Reviva is now also available on the Reviva Coffee website.

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