Gulf Super Duty

Gulf Super Duty

For the hard-working engine


Today’s transportation demands can be extreme. Trucks face long hauls with heavy loads, frequent stop-and-go in congested urban areas, and unpredictable terrains. These conditions subject older engines to intense and fluctuating stresses. Such irregular demands lead to inconsistent wear patterns, leaving parts of the engine vulnerable and prone to faster degradation. The thermal stress these engines undergo is another point of concern. Extended hours on the road, often under heavy loads, can cause engine temperatures to spike, potentially weakening vital components and reducing their efficiency. This causes significant reduction in the engine’s overall lifespan, resulting in increased maintenance intervals, unexpected repair costs, longer downtimes, and the ever-present risk of a breakdown during a crucial delivery.

Super Duty

Enduring the journey every stretch of the way

Gulf Super Duty formulated with Protection Plus Technology that ensures a robust and reliable protection against high temperature conditions and heavy loads. Protecting the hard working engine components against excessive wear to provide longer engine life and engine durability.

Gulf Super Duty is designed to address these challenges head-on, offering robust protection and consistent performance under extreme conditions. It’s the reliable ally for engines facing the toughest of tasks, ensuring that they run smoother and last longer, regardless of the load or journey. With Gulf Super Duty, dependability becomes a standard, ensuring peace of mind for every haul.