Gulf Max

​Gulf MaxCleaner for your engine

We give so much attention to the exterior cleanliness of our cars, however what’s often neglected is the cleanliness under the bonnet.

Over time all engines,, build up deposits from extended use. These deposits reduce your engine's efficiency and overall reliability. All in all, to ensure your car is running faster, smoother, and more efficiently, you need to keep its engine clean. That’s why you need Gulf MAX.

​Gulf Max

Gulf MAX series is a high quality passenger car motor oil developed for modern, high-output, multi valve, turbocharged & supercharged gasoline powered passenger cars and diesel powered light duty vehicles.

Everything you need for a clean and efficient Engine

Gulf MAX is specially engineered to withstand demanding driving conditions.

Gulf MAX, with it's Engine Clean Technology, uses a combination of powerful antioxidants and cleaning agents. These properties protect your engine from sludge build-up - helping to properly care for your car whilst ensuring that the engine remains cleaner for longer.

Gulf MAX Benefits

Engin Clean

Based on Gulf MAX Ultra GDI 10W-40
As per industry standard test sequence IIIH for API SP